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Book Overview

3dbookIf you are sick, tired, and angry about the lawlessness of our government, then this book is for you!

If you’re not, then enjoy this book anyway.

Hello! Welcome to author Brett Cantrell’s first widespread distribution of his published work—The American vs. Amabo.

He had never been a political kind of man until his nation has been gradually falling apart before his eyes. Since early 2012, the fire in him was set in motion, and he needed to create a patriotic hero who truly represents the Constitution, American hard workers, law-abiding citizens, and people who care about America.

This hero does not represent any race. He symbolizes the red, white, and blue. This American defender is needed to stand up to an outlaw president and a crooked government out for political greed, and whose henchmen would step on innocent Americans who would get in their way. He is neither Democrat, Republican, nor Libertarian, and he does not belong to any political party. This patriotic mystery man upholds the American Constitution, defends the oppressed, and protects the defenseless.

Join this hero’s adventures in The American vs. Amabo.