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Brett Cantrell was born in Lubbock, Texas, from a highly successful architect and pilot father and a bright and athletic school teacher mother with two talented older brothers that formed a wonderful family.

A graduate of Monterey High School, Brett earned his BFA degree in design communications from Texas Tech University. Since the fourth grade, Brett has created and drawn numerous comic book characters and has developed stories related to them. In the ’80s, he created a super team called Enforcers Inc. inspired by the Avengers and Justice Machine. During his college years, he acquired a part-time job in screen printing, design, and later, management at Hub City Graphics. He later earned an art department staff position at Lubbock Avalanche Journal. After one year, Brett left the newspaper business and served in the US Navy as a signalman on board the USS Nimitz during Desert Storm. In 1991, he created Navy Man, Landshark, MIKE, the Executor, and the Stars of Freedom based on the signalman crew.

After four years of service with an honorable discharge from the military, Brett enrolled in a one-year program in desktop publishing at the Art Institute of Seattle. He graduated in 1994 and worked briefly in animation, screen printing, and delivery work. In 1996, Brett formed Apex Grafix, a one-man comic book company on a limited budget. He published his first comic flip book—Executor/Femme Fatale No. 1. In 1997, No. 2 came out with limited success and no distribution. In 1998, he wrote, created, and drew Madame X and Nicholei’s Star. The book was packaged together as Apex Golden Age and sold limited copies at conventions and through friends, family, Cartoonists North West members, and strangers who liked comics.

After that, Cantrell and a good business associate hired three beautiful models to dress as members of the Femme Fatale, and Brett donned the cowl of the Executor. They all rented a van with books, artwork, and models in tow and drove from Seattle Washington to Eugene, Oregon, and were an instant smash success at the Eugene Comic Con!

In 2000, Brett’s mother’s high school reunion of the Coleman Blue Cats came, along with the creation of a one-time comic book, Apex Grafix Presents: Blue-Cat No. 1, and it was published. It was a success at the reunion and was sold on mail order. In 2003, the Succubus of Liberty was published in extreme limited run. In 2011, the seventieth anniversary of Timely’s (Marvel) USA Comics No. 1 and the unpublished USA Defender was produced. Early 2012 came the year of All-American Force and the birth of the American.

After this book’s publication, Brett will produce various unpublished stories and create new and exciting work for readers to enjoy.